With a fine-tooth comb

Hey guys, a new expression for you today. ?⁣
very carefully, so that you notice or find everything.⁣

?‍♂ The police went over the house with a fine-tooth comb.⁣
? We have gone through the evidence with a fine-tooth comb.⁣

? Scene 1
because when the SEC gets you on the stand, they're going to go through your life with a fine tooth comb and if you got something to hide, they're gonna find it.⁣

? Scene 2⁣
… and I end up paying for it? Because of the leak, the Phillips team has gone through everything with a fine-toothed comb.⁣

? Scene 3⁣
the whole town watching our every move with a fine-tooth comb.⁣
Mm-hmm. I'm used to humiliation. But not in front of a crowd that size.⁣

? Scene 4⁣
Okay. Well, we'll take these home, run through them with a fine-tooth comb,⁣

? Scene 5⁣
They'll dig through your life, my life, with a fine-tooth comb.⁣