Phrasal Verbs: put up with, put out, put on

Hello folks! You know it is important to use phrasal verbs to sound more like a native speaker. ⁣
Today we bring you some phrasal verbs that start with PUT.⁣

I will not put up with 😠 bad behavior in the class.⁣

The firefighter put out ❌🔥 the fire in the building.⁣
to stop something that is burning⁣

I’ll be putting a lot of money out when I buy that car.⁣
💸 to spend money ⁣

Put your shoes 👞 on. ⁣
She put on her best 👗 dress. ⁣
to move something you wear onto your body

I put on weight when I stop doing exercises.⁣
to add or increase an amount