The settings menu is accessible in cog icon located in right top conner of the app's main screen.
It gives you the ability to change the preferences of the app.

Change the interface language

Right now the app only offers Portuguese and English as the app interface. And you can change it right at the beginning of the settings screen.

Change the language you want to learn

Just after the interface language you can also pick the language you want learn. For now the app offers support for eight languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

You can pick the language and return to the main screen. You can have a different set of registered words for each language the app supports.

If you are leaning English and your friend is learning French or Spanish, recommend the app to your friend. They can enjoy the app too. 😉

Number of words in a rewiew session

In the number of words per review session you can set how many words you want a review session to have. By default it is set to 15, but you can change it to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or unlimited.

Set your goal

The last option allows you to set your goal for the day. It helps the app tell you that you have achieved the objective for the day.