Searching and Sorting

This tutorial covers two very useful functionalities that will help you find the word you are looking for within your collection.

Note that there is a short video after the text hints to illustrate how the action can be executed.


Imagine you already have a long list of words. Searching for them is quite handy feature. The way you do it on ProgLingo is very simple:

  • Tap the menu button in top right corner;
  • Choose search in the menu item list;
  • You will enter the search mode;
  • Type the search term in input box and confirm;
  • Then the search is performed, only the words containing the search term will be displayed;
  • Tap the X in the top left corner to close the search mode.


On ProgLingo, your words will appear ordered by the most recent to the oldest one. However, there are other ways to sort them. If you want to sort your collection of words in a different manner, do the following:

  • Tap the menu button in top right corner;
  • Choose the desired sorting method;
  • There are 4 options: most recent first, most old first, ordered by title in crescent and decrescent.