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?‍♀ ASAP - It is an abbreviation for as soon as possible.⁣
Ex.: Could you please answer my e-mail ASAP.⁣

? Scene 1⁣
When this occurs, the proper course of action is to remove oneself ASAP.⁣

? Scene 2⁣
She wanted me home asap.⁣

? Scene 3⁣
Just call me back ASAP.⁣

? Scene 4
Nadine, can you please get me Walter Nowack in my office ASAP?⁣

? Scene 5⁣
I want to see him ASAP. What, sir? - As soon as possible.⁣

? Scene 6⁣
Tell ya what, get yourself down to Basket Beach, ASAP.⁣
You're not coming with us?⁣

? Scene 7⁣
ASAP. That means now.⁣