Have Beef With

In today’s post, we’re going to see another use for the word BEEF ?.⁣

To have a BEEF WITH someone ⁣
To have a strong disagreement ?⁣ with someone.⁣

Why does she have a beef with me?⁣ I'm always nice to her!⁣

? Scene 1⁣
- Have you ever had beef? - Like, with someone, like fighting?⁣
- No, the food. - Oh, yeah.⁣
- No, you haven't. - Get in.⁣

? Scene 2
What, again, was the nature of your beef with them?⁣
I don't know. Something about a roller coaster. Let's go.⁣

? Scene 3⁣
Guess I have no beef with Dave.⁣
Hey, guys.⁣

? Scene 4⁣
Wait a minute. I got no beef with him.⁣

? Scene 5
Whoa, I've got no beef with you.⁣
What if I have a beef with you?⁣

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