Telling Time

? Telling Time ⏰⌚⁣

When the hour hand is pointing to seven and the minute hand is pointing to 12, we say:⁣
7:00 - It is seven or It is seven o’clock.⁣

Only use o’clock when it is a full hour.⁣

Note that for the first half hour we use past or after.
7:05 - It is seven oh five – or – It is five past seven.⁣
7:15 - It is seven fifteen – or – It’s a quarter after seven.⁣
7:30 - It is seven thirty – or – It’s half past seven.⁣

For the second half hour we use to:⁣
7:45 - It is seven forty five – or – It’s a quarter to eight.⁣
7:50 - It is seven fifty – or – It’s ten to eight.⁣